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Great Mother Wisdom Gathering

October 31- November 2



Dancing and chanting are two of the most natural human expressions that can profoundly affect our spiritual growth and wellbeing. Seasoned facilitator and devoted sacred dancer, Irmina Ulysse (Tutu) of SoDoTutu UniverSoul Dance and Ritual™, offers artful and spirited opportunities to release barriers and help us to free our most authentic, soulful and joyful self. SoDoTutu is a continuation of a lifelong project - an experiential healing initiative that uses divinely delicious dance, chants and healing rituals to support personal growth, spiritual development, and healing. Irmina is dedicated to the study of sacred dances, rituals and natural healing modalities from indigenous African traditions and from the Caribbean, particularly her native Haiti/Ayiti. Organically, her dance gatherings have evolved to focus on ritual, trance movement and chants honoring practices from around the world while remaining focused on her roots.

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Great Mother Wisdom Gathering

"I'm a sponsor of this amazing event coming up in late Oct... Come join us... "

I will facilitate one of the upcoming wksps at the Great Mother Wisdom Gathering, Buckeystown, MD, Oct 31 - Nov 2. 

I will lead participants through several sacred dances and familial chants to both invoke and evoke our divinity and further facillitate the divine union and unique embodiment of our inner most sacred and divine Feminine and Masculine selves.


** Early Registration Ends, Sept 14th

The Magdalene Awakening: Gathering the Magdalenes, Finding the Knights Templar Archetypal messages of the return of the Divine Union (head and heart) led by L. Shannon Andersen. Why is Mary Magdalene's voice being heard across the world today? What is her connection to the Holy Grail and its myth? Who are the Cathars and how are they related to Mary Magdalene? How are the Knights Templar enacting their symbolic part in this archetypal broadcast and why are numbers the language of God? Shannon Andersen's presentation will provide you with the opportunity to hear as she relates her true story of this phenomena connected to Mary Magdalene, the medieval Cathars and the Knights Templar. You will learn what she found as she met people all over the world having dreams, viPicturesions, and the past life memories of Mary Magdalene. Discover the Gematria of Magdalene proving the importance of Magdalene as the 'Apostle of the Apostles' who partnered with Jesus and the early Christians to help change the world starting 2000 years ago and continuing today as the Mediatrix of this age. Discover why Shannon Andersen believes the Knights Templar fit into the puzzle as we unravel the mystery of Magdalene's mission. Led by L. Shannon Andersen


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