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I’m Irmina Tutu, founder of Sodotutu™. As a multi-sentient intuitive, self-empowerment and spiritual coach, I offer private sessions, group classes, and workshops. As a initiated traditional healer, sacred work facilitator and a certified breathologist, I help others set sail and stay the course towards a more Soul-centered life. One that is sacred/divine and fulfills your unique purpose. Our sessions and courses help you to:

Develop divine knowledge, wisdom, through study, introspection and contemplation and through through deep exploration of our nature by observing and setting aside our false identities.

Practice ritual devotion, ceremonies, overstanding of our emotions, love, compassion, and cultivating virtue and highest character throguh service to remember our sacred and divine nature.

Perform righteous action, service to others, mindfulness, and following our Soul's calling.

Use meditation and reflection as a tool for encountering and transcending thoughts within the mind.

I have over 20 years experience supporting others in their physical wellness and spiritual journey.  Through oracle divination, let me help you identify and apply spiritual remedies for self healing from anxiety, chronic stress, spiritual disharmony of all kinds. You can gain better understanding of the root cause of  dis-harmony in your life and gain the support to take on your unique and organic healing process one day at a time. 

  • Learn to use sacred rituals and ceremonies as a focal point for cultivating devotion and discipline.  
  • Learn how to gain immediate benefits from using rituals and ceremonies as an integral part of your self-empowerment process and bring out your highest potential. 

I practice authentic communication that reflects the source of life that connects us all. As a sacred dance, ritual and chants specialist, I also offer retreats, workshops and conduct rites of passage ceremonies in collaboration with a network of healers.

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